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12.05.2012 , 03:16 AM | #1
Hi guys,

I have a question about tanking last phase of the TFB....

When we cleared the place in Story Mode, I was in top platform and even that we kill the boss at under %15 phase my healer could not keep me alive, after that I read the logs and saw at top platform I got only force/tech attack...

Now I read somewhere that if I stay at lower platforms, it is going to be a melee attack which will be shieldable/defensable, now I have an one cooldown for force/tech attack but 3 against melee, so going to bottom platform at %15 could increase my survivability specially for HM....

So, what I want to ask, I am not sure what exactly DPS is doing on this phase, do they have to stay at lower platforms? if I go to lower platforms will this disturb the DPS?

And one final question, if stay whole fight in lower platforms, will this disturb the DPS? I mean the platform I tank will be spitted and I have to change to another one but does the DPS has to switch platform for any reason other then Hypergate Anormalies?