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12.05.2012 , 03:06 AM | #3662

I read this thread everyday and just wanted to pop on to say I've also e-mailed GLAAD supporting Natashina's original e-mail and with a little blurb of my own.

I also wanted to just say that there's probably a lot out there like me reading these posts that really appreciate you pro-active members who go to so much trouble to get our voices heard on this matter.
From a personal standpoint I don't do much I admit but you guys are a true inspiration and I thankyou with all my little lesbian heart for all your efforts
I like many hardly play because I just can't bear leveling these gorgeous characters Bioware created because I can't play them the way they promised us we could. Pleaaase give me Kira, Elara, Nadia....yeah and the others too!

Living in continued hope...

Bye for now you lovely people