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And yet they couldn't get the hyperdrive to work when they wanted to. The upkeep was shoddy. Han, at best, did patchwork. Chewbacca did most of the repairs himself when he could. It wouldn't be a match for the Hawk. Armaments are about the same. And I'd have to say the Hawk is faster. Better upkeep and repairs. Their crews were similar, except the Hawk's had more Jedi. And T3-M4 had repaired and upgraded the Hawk in a way that most organic engineers couldn't conceive.

And at the end of the day, the Ebon Hawk just looks better.
Good to see you again ReiKai.

And no, the Ebon Hawk is an obvious rip from the Falcon, which was built thousands of years later and is more advanced in every way imaginable, shoddy or not.
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