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FOR PLAYABLE SPECIES: Ones I want: Duros, Nautolans (Bengel Morr and Kit Fisto's species), Togruta, Chagrians, Devaronians, Evocii, and Voss. Also for those who don't know, there is a certain rule to playable species. You have to imagine that species making out with Princess Leia due to the romance in the game and no really beast looking species such as wookies, ewoks, gamoreans, etc. Cathar is ok due to no whiskers and no tail and they look human enough. I'm sorry if I bursted your imagination but I just wanted you guys to know that no matter how hard you push, they won't accept certain species. Also, Bothans seem unlikely as a species since they aren't in the current universe. With Ithorians, I can't imagine them making out with any companion on account of they don't really have a mouth. Weequay might be possible but unlikely. Gands don't have mouths in game except their mask so it would most likely not happen. Selkath, I would really like this species, but I just don't think it could work since none of them speak basic and i doubt they have the money to record the different voices for the species. Trandoshans are too lizardy but I would enjoy being one. Rodians are too animal looking but it might happen. Kaleesh as much as I would love wearing bone masks, how could they kiss the companion with a mask in the way. Just letting you guys know that I'm really for some of these species, but I just want to point out that unfortunately a lot of these species will not happen. Also you have to think about species currently in the game, not playable. There are no Bothans or Ewoks for they don't even exist in this time or are too primitive to help. Also, I don't know if anyone is pushing for this, but Rakata, Tusken Raider, and Gree won't work. Rakata and Gree are too powerful and why would they bother becoming Sith or Jedi when they have technology. Tusken Raiders can't work due to they wear masks and we don't know what they look like underneath.
FOR COMPANIONS: Pretty much with Time Flow as I stated above, but other than that a lot of species could work. An Esh-ka companion seems unlikely but hey, stranger things have happened. What I would really like is a new companion with different species and abilities for each class with their own mysterious story that you can influence. For example, a chiss companion for the Agent whose part in the story is that they are from a organization secretly trying to kill you but the chiss is actually the only thing keeping you alive. And maybe the Bounty Hunter's could be a Trandoshan light skinned with a rifle that has no loyalty to anyone.
We've discussed about that earlier in the thread which I'm not sure if you've seen. Yes there will be issues with romance but nothing that should stop the possibility of any species becoming playable. Like currently how there are restrictions for which gender can romance specific companions, there'd be further in place as to which species can or could romance a certain companion. I don't think a female Wookiee would have any problem making out with Bowdaar.
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