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12.05.2012 , 01:57 AM | #100
I thought I would say Hi as well seeing Lexi's post/thread.

I'm larce, from old school SWG/Bria server so yes if you know the name it's me (/rebel plots).

Currently playing republic on this side, going to be getting into PvP on a shadow alt, but my main is a guardian tank that I mostly PvE with.

Although not much of a RPer, I do like player events, hosted a few in SWG myself, was fun. I've enjoyed this server as it's a good mix of different playstyles with little of the stupidity I saw on a daily basis on the pvp server my orginal characters got stuffed on. Maybe in the future when they provide paid transfer I can move them here as well.

I'll probably be looking to join raids soon, just need to find the right group that can handle a raid gear noob until i can get some decent gear.

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