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Hi lexi! I'm denetrin. I play a guardian, and a shadow for PvP, and play on my marauder sometimes. I remembered your operative from low leve warzones, you're pretty good haha. Looking forward to seeing you in 50's! I also have a 50 commando who is also, in retirement. Once 1.6 I hope to start healing on him again, like I did before. Either way, nice to meet you!
^_^ thanks! Always looking for ways to improve hopefully I keep it up. Felt pretty good rolling with Sev the other day. Between the two of us we took out 3 people and capped a door within the first 45 second of voidstar. <.< I got to sat Operative is my favorite AC.

:-( is sad, I use to think stealth was so cheap and so I leveled 5 fifties (only one Sin, and a tank to boot before 1.2) before I got over it... now stealth Op is sooo fun!

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:-( I feel dumb, I didn't even see that thread. Oops! Oh well, another thread won't hurt. Lexi is multi-tasking and can reply in both.

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Hiya Lexi! I'm Rerkk. I play as a Guardian and a Shadow in PvP. Ive seen your name in WZs before and your not half bad. I have a scoundrel who is currently retired from PvP until 1.6 where i will start healing with him again!! Nice to meet you Lexi, hope to see you in the War zones!


P.S: Seems like Den and I play the same classes haha
^_^ merp! Not sure which character you've seen but you sound familiar too. As always, any suggestions to improve I welcome gladly. :-( 8 months ago I was a pvp scrub, so feels good to not suck. =P

=P Ya, 1.6 sounds awesome btw, I'll be able to pull some out of retirement and be able to field another healer merc for my imp pals. I bounce between imp and pub pretty easily, ^_^ and I'm glad no one really takes issue with it. Both sides need more healers any way, and I hope I can be the Merc and Commando for zee job.