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Naroth had been walking for half an hour before, getting tired of looking for another team of Republic troops. He walked around a corner, staying hidden in case Imperial troops were nearby. He then found a door to the inside of what looked like an abandoned workhouse. Just great. A workhouse, the most likely place to find people hiding. Imperial will shoot if they see me, so here's to nobody being home. With that he pushed open the door and aimed his gun checking the entire room before finally being content that no one was in there.

He pulled out a small container of water and took a nice drink, his parched throat being soothed by the relatively cool water. He made a small toast to his guess being right, before closing the container and putting it back in his pockets.

He then remembered the burns he had received earlier and pulled back out the water container. He ripped a small portion of his uniform off, knowing that by the time he had finished being debriefed after this mission, he would regret tearing a uniform. He dipped the cloth shred in part of water and wrapped it around the burned area. It was a small burn was quite a painful one.

Now returning to the reason that he had 'captured' the building. He dropped his pack and found his holocom, he turned it to a open republic frequency and calling out, to try and find some safe house nearby. This is Naroth, of the twenty-third division. I am in need of some safe house to rest for an hour or so. Does anyone copy?
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