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I never wanted this. And though I am most unwilling to hurt you to any permanent degree, I will do what I must. He said, sidestepping out of the lightsaber. He then used the seconds of landing, and the time necessary to steady one's self, to deliver a lightning punch to Markos. He hated resorting to such uncivilized methods however, when one was being pressed into a corner the best thing to do was push out no matter how low you fall in order to do so. While he would not follow that law to an extreme, he would use it as a basis for reasons that he would throw punches or kicks into a normally lightsaber or Force battle.

The fighters escorting the boarding parties were now numbering few, compared to how they had started, but they kept to their battle. Only a dozen or so of the best pilots were left, enough to continue the escort but getting dangerously low, however their moral was still holding. They dodged blaster fire, shooting as many enemy fighters and turrets as they could. Upon hearing Jot's message over the intercom, the commander of the pilots replied. This is Squadron Four Leader. Thank you Mandalorian. Glad to have you behind our backs. Keep up the good work, and lets show 'em whose boss.
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