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Markos was shaking a bit. It had been sometime since had fought like this. He was doubting his skills were enough. I could care less what you do! I will end you!!! He said jumping high above Rafeesh and slashing down.

Jotunheim's fleet was moving as planned they were pushing back several of the Imperials defensive lines. He yelled into the intercom. If you're bording parties want a clean shot now is as good as it gets!

Kregan pointed seeing through the chaos of the battlefield. There! go through that enemy formation after that we should be clear.

Ravna was trying to stand up she could not bear to see Rafeesh fight alone.

Hadocks fleet had made it to the halfway point of their travels. Soon the full wrath of the Mandalorians would rain down upon the Empire.

Nerken stood up looking around Means ship. Give me my gear back and I'll show you how it's done.

Evelyn flew her ship closely behind Zero the fighting was getting intense. The fleets were almost equal in size but the combined tactics of the Republic, Revivers, and Mandolorians was almost unbeatable.
'Here we go!" Zero put the ship on full throtle, blowing threw the hole in the imperial formation and blasting her way into one of the hangers "Get ready jedi, we are in" she landed the ship and hoped out of the seat, blasters in hand

"Your stuff is in the locker over there. feels like we landed, I advise you gear up quickly"