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I have to give this one to G0-T0, consider all the information G0-T0 sifts through on a routine basis and the fact he was designed to be able to do this. This boils down to whom finds whom first, from an information standpoint G0-T0 has the advantage. While Plagueis has the force, G0-T0 can simply follow the credits, Darth Plagueis no matter how careful he is will still leave a credit trail, data trails, etc. for G0-T0 to follow.

Since this is a fight to the death, it will be substancially easier for G0-T0 than trying to take on the Exile, cause he wants the Sith dead.

Darth Plagueis specialized in concealing himself in the force, not a self-aware droid with imagination and the ability to plot out and manipulate things on a galactic-wide scale.

Finally, Darth Plagueis probably wouldn't find G0-T0 first because G0-T0 is a droid, which can't be sensed in the force, while G0-T0 would simply send out thousands of homicidal HK-50 droids to hunt Darth Plagueis down.