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Oh, poor Crae, still confused. Of course he’s getting the kolto tank in case he’s the one that needs it next time. Of course. I’m really enjoying the ‘what the hell am I doing here’ vibe from Crae right now.

Haven’t seen Mako with Torian, but she’s supposed to really like bounty hunters. I suppose that’s what she sees in Torian. I don’t have Torian yet, so that’s a guess.

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Oh, I have no doubt Rixik is playing her like a fiddle, lol.
Rixik is absolutely playing her like a fiddle.

Strangely, her interests line up fairly well for affection gain purposes. I expected to end up bribing her with gifts a lot (with Rixik, it really does feel like bribing as opposed to a game mechanic) but I don’t lose affection nearly as often as my Agent did with Kaliyo. She has quite the mercenary interior underneath the goody-goody exterior.

Heck, had this sitting around, I’ll call it Night of the Living Dead Prompt: Tools of the Trade. Even though I haven’t really started Mako’s romance arc yet.