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12.04.2012 , 09:56 PM | #3
Blizz isn't bad, but he needs good gear to stay alive. if your a healer spec, torian is a better option for performance. I don't heal him much more then i heal Blizz, and he tears stuff up. blizz is just fun to play with, pure and simple. Blizz does better with tanking gear. He can run in DPS gear, but Torian does far more damage in the same gear.

if you're a DPS spec Mako is perfect. tank comps don't work as well sadly. they can hold aggro, but they take more damage then a tank class would (their tanking stance doesn't have much in the way of mitigation boosts), and without a healing class to back them up, they can go down quick.

But on my Merc i enjoy using blizz for talking heroics when Im heal spec. They do last longer then a DPS comp with solid heals.