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Hello everyone,

With regards to the problem you are reporting could you please provide the following information:
  1. Information from the Windows Event Log:
  2. Any results from the diagnosing hardware failures steps below:
    1. Run chkdsk
      • For Windows 7/Vista:
        Right click on the drive you want to check (in Windows Explorer) and select Properties. Now click on the "Tools" tab and press "Check now..." at the top under 'Error-checking'
      • For Windows XP
        1. Open the Windows Start Menu
        2. Type ‘cmd’ in the ‘Search programs and files’ field. A black icon will appear called "cmd", please right click this and then click "Run as administrator"
        3. Once this has loaded please type “chkdsk” and then press enter.

        Please perform this on all hard drives.

    2. Run memtest86+ (
      Please run the memtest at least 6 times.
  3. Check your Power Options to avoid ‘sleep’ settings, to do this please follow the steps below:
    1. Open the Windows Start Menu.
    2. Select ‘Control Panel’
    3. Select 'Hardware and Sound'
    4. Select ‘Power Options’
    5. Set your plan to ‘High Performance’ or if you have a custom plan, change the ‘Put the computer to sleep:’ to ‘Never’.
Please note that while we can recommend using memtest86+ to try and help diagnose these issues, unfortunately we cannot offer support in the use of this program.

Once I have this information I will endeavour to assist you further.

Sutii | BioWare Customer Service - Forum Support