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Lol credit shot has to be the most butt hurt guild. They deny losses and that they were even on a team with a loss. Heck thy even quit their guild over it. Funny stuff Les. Reque ha

The fact is there are great players in guilds that cant field and eight man team and when they que, the opposing team singles them out because the other seven players are utter garbage. A few weeks of topping the charts on dps and damage in/ deaths you will quickly find something better to do than letting a premade have four guys jump you with heals, while your teammates run around and hide.

The competition could be great but the good players are soo spread out between seemingly pve only guilds and pvp pretenders that ranked ques are nonexistent. The only thing left to do is reroll and wait for transfers.
Love to see some coordination and a pvp summit or something. But as it stands there are a few good pvprs and they won't field a team together because their egos get in the way.
The pubs and the imperials should just get on here and rank the top twenty best players of each class. Post em up.
And have ranked matches between these players to increase their standing.
If you don't like not being in the top twenty que up and show off .
And to all the self proclaimed ******es who constantly throw around foolish statements, that they are the best, or their ranking is great, or that their record is 34-1 beat that, yaadaa yaadaa . Que up and show someone that you can pvp and not just troll chat.