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Hi there guys. Just last night I was having this arguement with my guildies regarding taunt delays between the different tanking classes while raiding, specifically the PT and Assassin tanks.

The PT says that there is a delay to mobs reacting to his taunts due to the travel-time of his "taunt dart"(which I have repeatly explained that it is just an animation) so everyone gotta wait for his taunts to "reach" his target, while for my Assassin's taunts, mobs react instantly to me. The mara who has both PT and Sin alts agree with him, citing that the Assasin's taunts are instant while the PT's taunts have a delay (due to the travel time of the dart?!!) and I should go test by taunting the dummies on my ship and watch the taunt debuff delay differences on them for myself.

Frankly that's a load of bull to me because I've personally have played all 3 tank classes months before to fully understand the differences between them, playing multiple flashpoints with all 3 and have never noticed such differences. The only delay is in certain mobs reaction to my taunts (which is extremely evident when you play an Assassin tank). An perfect example would be the slight delay in reaction time of the Big round droid(who does Overload) during the minesweeper boss in HM EC.

I've just went back to my ship and tested my taunts with both my Assassin and PT on the Operation dummy. Targetting the dummy and watching it's debuffs, upon pressing either my Single-Taunt or AOE-Taunt, I see no differences at all in the time it took for my "Taunt" debuff to show instantly on the dummy on either my PT or Sin. The PT's taunt dart is again imo just an animation based on this test.

Both the PT and mara are good players imo, although the mara is now teething on the Noob boundry to me with his dummy testing statement. The PT I can forgive because the travel time of his "taunt dart" does make it look like the mobs need time to react to him and I suspect he's a closet clicker (which probably adds to the "delay"), he's genuinely great to raid with (and the GM ). Don't think I'm missing anything here, but what's everyone's Tanks take on this?
i know what your firend means there are 2 other reasons for this to happen , first is on toth and zorn they do abilities that they have to finish , as well as littel actions if u look realy closely before they move the taunt it up , how ever some times they dont move instantly beacuse of this reason ,
The second is lag with you and the suver , some times there can be 0.5 deley in using the ability and it taking affect due to lag ........ you cant help it can just happen , acationally its seems like taunts take for ever to go off , its not nesserly the tanks have not used it it could justb be a slight deley .........
the worst thing u can do is get up on each other for things going wrong on toth and zorn , even with perfectly timed taunts your dps push them to sertain points , some times puts you in a potion that they have to complete an action before they move
next time watch carefully and u will see it happen for example they leap to each other the other 1 shifts round creating space for the other and he will not change targets till hes shimmyed all the way round to creat space""