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I know it is hard to please everyone, but it would be nice to have some content that we do not fully clear within a month of opening it. Also it would be nice to only be able to get gear through the new operations as really anyone can just farm the black hole coms and upgrade there gear now which makes the operations almost pointless. Another thing is the movies are REALLY annyoying now. It would be nice to be able to skip the movies altogether. People that have been here since the begining really hate them now and there are a lot of new players that will sit there and watch the movie. Can we not disable the movies for at least the first flash points released.
One comment regarding the movies. I'm been here since prior to launch and have no problem with the movies. So instead of making it sound that everyone that has been here since launch hates them, which is incorrect, you may need to rephrase that and say you dislike it. I like it and know others that do but I will not say everyone likes it as I will not speak for everyone in the community since I have no idea for sure what everyone likes.
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