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From what I know of Plaegius and GO-TO(from hereby will be called Goto), Goto will win this, simply because of numbers, but it can be a bit more complicated. I'm just gonna take a point of view from them both on ways they can win this.


-Could simply stay in hiding, and draw it out, sending a near-limitless supply of droids and just waiting until a dash of extreme luck comes and they find plaegius, at which point he is doomed.

-Could bait Plaegius, though it would have to be complex to work on someone of his intelligence

(Side question here, but Goto was programmed to serve the republic, even if it meant breaking its laws due to a programming conflict at a point, but does that programming still exist? If it did, Plaegius could make himself seem like he would bring it back and he was its only hope for resurrection, thus making Goto completely unable to harm him, and making it an almost-auto win for Plaegius. I say almost cause we all know how much those HK-50s enjoy killing organics.)


-Assuming Goto chooses option 1, he could somehow extract a droids memory

-He could torture a member of the exchange until he gave up helpful information (process may have to be repeated, but he is a sith lord, and they can probably think of many terrible things to do to you.)

Now, if one found the other, Plaegius would have to catch Goto completely off guard and finish it in a single strike or Plaegius's chances of winning would be very low. The reason I give the win to Goto is because he can simply play the overall strategy of this match-up a lot better and has more resources at his side. Not to mention if he is found, he could fortify himself far better than plaegius could.