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I've said this to other people before and I use it as well. You can have AT MAX 4 med diplomacy missions running, unless you use a drop mission. Otherwise, if all you are getting is companion gift missions, enter your ship, which refreshes the list. exit to refresh again until you're running 4 at a time. Hope that helps.
I wish it did, but sadly the list refreshes to 5 more companion gift missions. I've gone in and out on multiple occasions only to have it "refresh" to 5 full companion gift missions.

There needs to be a change made that makes it impossible for all available missions per level to be the same type in order to facilitate crafting.

Again, if this were an infrequent thing I wouldn't have an issue but it happens constantly. I'm bouncing back and forth right now trying to get a grade 3 mission that isn't a companion gift mission but all I'm getting is 5 companion gift missions...

It's asinine. We shouldn't have to play the system in order to get the materials we need to level our crafting skill.
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