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There's also stops to recalculate routes every few minutes. Since there's no straight shot from planet to planet, it's a "Jump to point X, stop, plot and then Jump to point Y". Usually the longer the distance, the longer the time spent in Hyperspace. A jump from, say, Dromund Kaas to Tatooine would be approximately six days in Hyperspace, with the stops factored in. That is assuming that Hyperspace Engines in TOR aren't as fast as engines in the movies. It's actually a bold claim when Han says that the Falcon can make .5 past lightspeed since only the big assault cruisers are supposed to have that capability.
Consider that though it may not seem so to we small creatures, the galaxy, and the stars and planets in it, move really fast. It would make sense that jumps would have to be small and constantly recalculated. What looks like a straight line at one point is going to be 500,000 miles off to your left merely an hour later. Now imagine you also have to account for possibly millions of celestial bodies, a collision with even the smallest of which would mean your instant obliteration. Yeah...interstellar travel ain't easy.

As for other questions, I can think of a couple prehistoric/non-spacefaring societies that showed up. We had the moon of Endor in Return of the Jedi. The Ewoks, as far as I'm aware, weren't really the spacefaring sort. There were also the Evocii, who were pretty much like this, until the Hutts showed up and made it perfectly clear that Star Wars lacks a Prime Directive.