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Objectively Vic was the worst of our three vanguards. Thexder was always #1 by a wide margin in dps, and absolutely destroyed the other two in protection scores (100k to their 20k). Octwo was second, with Vic as a distant third. The problem with our team was the damage aspect easily. We played Casual on Novare Coast without Thexder, and we got 0 kills. Zero. Despite the DPS getting no kills (did i mention NO KILLS), we managed to get them down to 50% on their bunker with a stealth cap and by having exceptional defense, which is why I laugh when Vic said the only ones who doing their jobs was 1 healer (Didious) and the shadow (Q) on the offpoint.
Goomba's wasn't the same when Thexder and Octwo weren't together in matches. Any other Vanguard rotation and it was very easy to drop both.

If I remember correctly, you fellers ran 4dps, 1 dps/tank hybrid shadow, 2 scoundrel healers, and a pure tank. That comp stands virtually no chance verse any 3 guard team. From our perspective, you guys just didn't have the tools available, but I think we (Old Republic War) only faced off against Goomba's maybe 2-3 times in rateds.
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