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You're some knight in shining armor, the way you hunt down posts and then post the same exact one liner without actually addressing the post, I bet you feel awfully special. Except, here, you are factually incorrect. The movies did hit rock bottom in comparison to the original trilogy.

Critically both Episodes I and II were failures; both getting below 60 on Metacritic. Rotten Tomatoes ranks them about the same, with the first one under 60% and the second one barely above it. The only movie that did decent critically was the third movie(which still did not reach even anywhere remotely close to the acclaim of Episodes 4 and 5), and it was praised for it's action and visuals while almost universally panned for it's story. Regardless of what you think of them, they weren't critical successes. They are the worst Star Wars has ever done. All three of the prequels also received far fewer awards than the original trilogy, and earned Lucas his current extremely negative reputation. Literally and factually Star Wars has no where to go but up from there unless Episode 7 is even more universally panned.

The Prequels are terrible enough that the only way Episode 7 could be any worse is if it fell on it's face and was panned by everybody, including the blindly hardcore fans. Which, really, it's a win/win for me because as much as I want a good movie, I think it'd be a hilarious final nail in the Star Wars coffin for 7 to be terrible.

EDIT: If you consider the first Clone Wars animated movie to be part of the film series than it is, infact, more universally panned than the prequel trilogy -and- I don't think it grossed nearly as much.
Critics are entitled to their opinions, just like you and I. I liked the Prequels. Obviously, you didn't. We all have our own opinion. No need to hate on people with an opinion opposed to yours.
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