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I know - just needed a btter laugh at the thought things actually had to come to this. In a weird mood, thanks to the heat.
Tell me about it. It's December and still in the 60s (F) here in the Rockies. After a rough year of tons of fires (my town where I was born almost went up in flames,) there's been a wildfire burning north of where I live. There should be a lot of snow/ melted snow by now. Odd moods due to weather I can completely understand.

I had a bitter laugh about this as well, but it was tinged with some schadenfreude. They really brought this on themselves. At least we're hopefully going to get some answers.

EAware needed to be pushed into this corner and reminded that they've gotten a little too high on their pedestal. A little too big for their britches, as my mom and grandma used to say.