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I'm sure this has been posted a million times but I need to say it: the Dark Side choices in this game do not represent the cold, logical thinking of the Sith we see in the movies; it's more of a Chaotic Evil approach.

A specific instance for why this a problem:

On Hoth, Commander Triton is bollocksing up his command because he's a terrible officer. The Chiss captain directly under him saves the base's skin on numerous missions. At the end of the series, you are given an option: keep the moron commander or promote the Chiss Captain to Commander of the base. For some unknown reason, it is a Light Side choice to promote the Chiss, who was single-handedly responsible for missions that resulted in the deaths of a hundred plus Talz; and a Dark Side choice to keep the moron in power.

When did Dark Side become "not logical"? There are plenty of examples of chaotic evil Dark Side events (Anakin murdering all the Jedi padawans) but what about Darth Vader killing the incompetent commander in Empire Strikes Back and promoting his subordinate? Failure is not acceptable to the Sith, yet my character is supposed to get Dark Side Points for keeping the incompetent, useless commander in power?

The Dark Side is the path of raw emotionality; it lacks control at times but it is also brutally calculating (as seen in the original 3 Star Wars movies). For the love of all that is Star Wars, give me some Dark Side choices that aren't always "i'm F***ing crazy! DIE!"

My 2 cents.