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It's all about the metagame. I know what they're gonna do before they do it and adapt. Sents/Mara's have 1 ability that spells auto-loss for commandos/mercs but they never use it. Even the best Mara's/Sents don't use it accordingly so I usually have the advantage. But yes the Mara's that fight me over, and over, and over, and over again eventually catch on if they're smart enough. However, holding on to that 1 ability just in case they fight a competent Commando/Merc is never in the back of their head so they use it up and when they run into me, it's gg. I'm pretty sure I said this in an earlier post, granted it's 40 pages long...

The Sins usually always slow me. If my shield is up, I use it to break it but that barely helps as they have a sprint and a root (or is the root part of the slow?). Sins have an answer to everything, if I beat one in the vid, it's cause I knocked them off a cliff or they were out of CD's or someone else jumped in at the last second. They are my bane.

I'm not here to fight with you guys about the class. I agree it is subpar compared to the other AC's. Still tho, I have beaten some of the best on my server 1v1. And they respect me enough to focus me down whenever they see me in WZ's.
erm they focus you down because you don't have an escape...every merc/commando should be the first to die because they are not going anywhere. They won't vanish, sprint away, leap away, AE CC you, etc. When you are focused you are dead 100% of the time every time. This is not so for many other classes.
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