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I don't recall seeing much of Torian's side of the relationship; don't think he says anything, which means it may all be in Mako's mind .
That's hilarious!! That would also make a good fanfic.
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However, Mako does tell him something along the lines of "you're never allowed to leave the ship again" after he gets captured, which I'm sure would really go over well with a hardcore Mandalorian (Enjoy him while you got him Mako, because I have plans mwahahaha!)
Wow... and I thought my BH was possessive... and they just really don't seem suited those two.
Yes! You steal him away!

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I really like Corridan's interaction with them both. I wish we saw more of him in game.
Thank you!
And I was sooo disappointed when you don't go with Torian to Alderaan. I had been thinking 'yes! Get to meet Corridan and kill some senators!' but then no! You don't!
So that's why I have written this because that was so frustrating for me. And Corridan was only a holo figure who didn't say much so basically making him what I imagined he would be... and what suits my own purposes.


Three hours before dawn...

'Watch is over, Torian. Go get some sleep,' I call as I walk closer.

I crouch down next to him and smile at the serious frown with which he watches the blackness below. Corellia's three moons are only slim crescents and the stars offer little light. But it's ok. I can see fine.

'Stay with you a while.' He doesn't move closer to me or stop watching the darkness below. After a pause when I almost tire of silence and the stars no longer occupy my thoughts, Torian moves his arm around me. I stiffen at first but then relax and move my head rest against his cold and hard armour.

Torian glances down at me and smiles in a way that bellies his serious expression of a moment before.

'Something good happen, Torian?'

'Part from you being here? Only spoke to Corridan.' Knew it would be that and Torian doesn't say any more about it for many minutes. Conversation gave me a lot to think about as well.

'What did you think of him?' Torian eventually asks.

I'm aware of what Torian wants to hear and know I should think about my words. Can say from my impression that he's close to being a good man. I feel he wouldn't do anything to sacrifice his or his clans honour and I think he does what he needs to without complaint. Yet to see how intelligent he is but I think it's on the upper side. Also seen that he can be compassionate when he sees it as necessary. But I feel he would be quick to anger and expect rigid obedience and complete competency. And I feel he isn't a man that would be quick to forgive a slight against him. But I can see how Torian has come to respect him so much.

'Many things. Will tell you at the end of tomorrow.' I flash a grin before saying, ' but don't worry. I won't be killing him anytime soon.'

Torian frowns and nods but the smile still tugs at the edges. Think it was the first time Corridan ever called him 'son' and I think Corridan's approval of me means a lot to him. The silence between us lengthens and nothing moves in the darkness. I look to the other watchers and see them in place and alive.

'Can see why you respect him, Torian.' I straighten as I hear a person tred behind us and I have an idea of who it is. 'Now, go! Need all the sleep you can get for tomorrow.'

Torian smiles down at me and kisses me gently.

'Later then,' he breathes as he stands. He walks away quietly and doesn't acknowledge the man that remains unseen in the shadows. I wait for him to come out.