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Problem is, if you go one step too far the almighty Ion Cannon will kill you instantly, one of the things that annoy me most in SWTOR.

Dreadtooth is a good example for how world pvp in SWTOR can work out tho, have the better team, kill the opposing faction and dreadtooth is yours. I remember invading some minor Alliance City in WoW - forgot the name sry - ganking lowbies etc... that was really fun, even if you got invaded on your own territory.

There won't be anything like Stranglethorn in SWTOR soon, the main problem IMO is, once some guy got killed in the "open world" he'd rather whine on the forums instead of grouping up and fight back.

I agree on the rewards system tho, I like to pvp outside warzones sometimes, but as my time is very different from the server, fighting for nothing gets old real fast, at least if you don't have players who actually want to win.
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