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This is really weird and sort of creepy so please take the time to read the post and look at the pictures in the links.

I started out on a new server in April and I wanted to play all Twi'leks. I rolled the 4 classes that are allowed (JK, JC, Smug and SI) to play them all to 50, unlock the species and play the rest.

I got more interested in other classes than the JK so I sort of abandoned her. I have a strange habit of logging in to all my characters every 45 to 60 minutes and sending the companions on slicing missions (I'm a credit whore).

A couple of months ago, I decided that I didn't like the way my first JK looked. We'll call her JK 1. When the update came around that gave us 4 more character slots, I figured this was a good time to roll a JK that I liked. Why not, right?

We'll call her JK #2.

JK #2 has finished Tython and is on the fleet. I think I should mention that I am playing JK # 2 dark sided while JK #1 was most decidedly light sided.

JK #1 has been standing on her ship by the mail box facing the wall for about 4 months now, sending out her 3 companions on slicing missions and sending the credits to characters I would rather play.

Not very nice, I admit but they are game characters, an extension of myself. I owe them nothing, right?

Well, in the last few weeks, when I go to the character selection page, JK #1 has taken to starring me straight in the eye giving me a menacing look. Its like I have truly offended her and she is plotting her revenge.

JK #2 stares off into the distance and never "eyeballs" me.

Here are the pics:

JK #1, giving me the "evil eye"

Here is JK #2 acting like a good character should:

I didn't turn JK #1 or anything, she just started "eyeballing" me for no reason.

Seriously guys, this really starting to get creepy. Should I just delete JK #1? Will her force ghost come and do things to me? Is she mad because I don't like the way she looks or the fact that I replaced her with a dark sided jerk?

I'm really starting to get creeped out about this.

What do you think?
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