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Forgot how to interrupt? Never heard of cleanse? Do you think the circles mean "Stand Here"?

No problem, just grind some black hole comms for a week and try again!

P.S. And while we're at it, Story Mode Toth and Zorn is harder than Dr. Lorrick and HM Soa, all of which drop the Rakata Chest. Let's have SM T/Z drop a Campaign Chestpiece instead! Oh, and a random Hazmat implant, too!

Not everyone will want to try LI with Tionese and pay all the repair bills, especially pugs. At most 7-8 wipes then disband.

I don't see a tionese pug could do LI, maybe 1/10 of them can past LR-5 and 1/20 of them will be able to do it.