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Everyone saying you can't sense droids through the force... wouldn't it be similar to how young jedi train with probes?
That’s the “Spidey-sense” or precognitive abilities, that I’ve been talking about. It warns a Jedi/Sith of danger, basically predicting their opponents moves. Hense you can sense the blaster bolts. The catch? Plageuis lacks this ability.

Very true, but look at KOTOR 2. There are plenty of ways to find the ship. And it decloaks when it picks up new ships. All Plagueis has to do is wait for it.
If GO-TO knows that he is in an open war with a Sith Lord…. I doubt he’s decloaking anytime soon. He would know better than to allow any possibility of detection, seeing as his stealth is his only defense. And, actually, Plagueis may not even care about GO-TO’s ship, if he knows (through the Force) that there are no humans on it. No matter how many pirates he tortures, no one will ever tell him GO-TO is a droid, because it’s a secret. (Also, even if he did find GO-TO’s ship, the droid would win 1v1.)

Well, IG-88 is an assassin droid whereas G0-T0 is an infrastructure planning droid. They are entirely different.
Entirely different? Maybe. However, you underestimate the IG-88 droids. They almost brought the galaxy to its knees with a droid revolution, and were skilled bounty hunters. That takes some advanced programming. IG-88 literally copied himself and all his code onto another droid. They were connected through a “one mind” sort of thing, but they established that link after all the copying had been done. So basically, all GO-TO has to do is find or create an exact, lifeless model of himself and copy his data over. Mind you, if it’s the exact same droid, there would be no problem transferring his “complex personality” into an equally powerful core. The transfer would be an entire personality transfer. His programming, even the broken code, would be transferred. (IG-88A had broken code from the very beginning, which is what allowed him to break free and activate the other droids.) He would be an exact clone of GO-TO, both physically and mentally. They would obviously help each other. Also, if their minds are linked, no, if one is destroyed the other will not suffer. IG-88 didn’t. There’re connected, but they’re not two parts of a brain, they are each fully able to fend for themselves, they just have a partner to aid them. They’re droids, not biological beings.

But regardless of this droid-specific ability, GO-TO can will win this Kaggath either way.