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heh, my new year's eve will be 8 hours prior to server time. given he's around, I guess I can meet with hawk and we have a 2 people party

Now THAT sounds like a plan. xD We gotta do this haha, past 0h that is tho, if I'm still able to log in that is.

We're only 6 hrs in front tho for EST, +7 for Central time

I'll keep my fireworks then, maybe I'll fire some for the one year part tho, but they 3 more days and day 1 players like me have anniversary already. ^^

Btw. it will be my first new years eve playing on an US server, I won't be on when you others party tho, I was sober last year and I'm NOT gonna repeat it. xD

So yeah, anniversary on Saturday for early access, gonna be drunk on Saturday anyway.

To finish this post, I'll tell you my nerdiest new years eve celebration, but hell the sound was awesome:

many many years ago, I celebrated the new years ever with my sound volume (with subwoofer) put to max and just throwing frag grenades in America's Army, that was some awesome ambience. xD

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