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12.04.2012 , 04:46 PM | #42
I think I can simplify the OP. He's saying that sages are obsolete!


Obsolete: in this case it means that it's design now consists of only reasons left over by other classes. It's reason for having so and so are becuase the wait of the other class design. The only other option force it to be so. Like clay it has been smooshed. Instead of having a unique design holding its form and being held into account to low of a proportion to other aspects of other class designs or more realistically nerfs and other changes to other classes. AKA, again, the game has developed as such that a definition of a sage is no longer definite and is not being held to maintain a design and it solely or almost solely is because of consideration of other classes. AKA it's lost its defining points and has been beaten up like a sack of meat before game day!