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I still want to crack this.

Things we know:
  • text says, “You feel a strange and chilling presence.”
  • Dev comments as outlined here :
    1. Oldschool
    2. 10:30 Particulate: you want to know what’s in the cave? 10:30 Particulate: only what you bring with you. 10:31 Martin_smith: oh damn, troll and true at the same time
    3. Martin_smith: I wouldn’t worry about it right now Martin_smith: read the words

Things we can probably assume:
  • Requires 16 man HM since the text only appears on 16 man HM
  • Has to be obtainable by both Republic and Imperials, thus no unique ability to a single side

  • Something needs to be brought into the cave. Now we don't know if that's an item or an NPC but it seems clear we're not bringing the trigger.
  • Likely requires a full party of 16 members on HM. Seems unlikely that the text would only trigger for that scenario and not require those conditions

We need guesses on reference to oldschool that relate to the game. And what would you do to get a strange and chilling presence to appear. I thought maybe the clue troll was a reference to the lumbering beasts in the instance, but think that's over thinking it. Also thought maybe the Burba device could be used in the cave but it doesn't fit in well with the clues. Could it be related to the hypergate and the hypergate vortices that spawn in the instance? Is there anything hidding anywhere on the map before the cave?

Could it require all 16 members of the raid to have the pet drop from TFB? Seems extreme but could be possible.
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