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Hey Johnathan!

Got a question for you think the numbers lie?

I feel Bioware puts far too much value on 'metrics', not enough on how things actually play. It's far too easy to inflate and distort the numbers to reflect trends you want to see vs trends that are real. Your use of TFB is a perfect illustration of what I mean - you said:

"...on September 26, we released Terror From Beyond. The result was a significant spike in the number of level 50 players spending time in Operations, which again was our desired effect."

Did you really expect the result to be anything BUT that?! Will you use the same justification to waste more time, money and resources on space missions after 1.6 is released? You don't need fancy graphs or models to realize people want NEW content, and that's always what they migrate towards, despite how they TRULY feel about the content.
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