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So, Plagueis isn't there, and he hires pirates to kill G0-T0? Real question, I'm a bit confused. If so, that plan could easily backfire. G0-T0 is an Exchange boss, he has thugs and money. He could possibly buy the loyalty of the pirates, and use them to trace Plagueis. I know Plagueis is rich though, but if they don't take them bribe "Mayhem and destruction await!" Interrogator droids are very good at their job, and I'm sure G0-T0 has them.

G0-T0 Forever!!!
I'm just providing a scenario here. Remember that my scenario was an ambush. G0-T0 won't have the time to bribe Plagueis' pirates. IF he did, Plagueis would just kill them. But G0-T0 could always use stealthy assassins.

I'm going to be undecided for this one Beni. Such a battle could go either way, imo.
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