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12.04.2012 , 03:40 PM | #8
mercs and commandos will never be aqble to obtain the same level of bonus healing as a sorc, my commando is minmaxed out (pretty much, need to do a little more tweeking) and am only at 782 bonus healing with a 36% crit and a 78% multiplier. commandos and mercs got the short end ofthe stick as far as healing goes,

1) we have the hardest resource management system with the smallest amount of wiggle room (if we fall too low and our emergency powercell is on CD we are ****ed vs. coundrel can heal till no resource and use diagnostic scan a few times and WHAM full resource again)

2) we have thelowest potential for bonus healing

3) alot of our healing comes from buffs and abilities rather than actual healing (armour and damage reduction buff from AMP and kolto bomb under supercharge cells.)

so we quote un-quote wont hvae a high bonus healing but we do have a 15% boost to our crit multiplier with heals through our tree. and alot of our healing is done through prevenative medacine meening we have to heal the least in theory.

by far the most difficult class to heal effectively on. you use one medical probe too many and your ****ed.