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It isn't a class defining change, its a clutch mechanic to improve our ability when engaged by melee. For four and a half seconds after being engaged by melee, we would be able to cast without being interrupted. That's all.

Let me be perfectly clear. There doesn't need to be a tradeoff. We don't need a sidegrade, a tweak or a nudge. We don't need to give up anything. Mercs and Commandos need an honest-to-goodness shout-it-from-the-rooftops BUFF, because right now it is a horrible horrible AC for RWZs.
EDIT: just realized i missed your part about once every 15 seconds so i deleted my overly massive post. that is more reasonable. once every other rocket punch basically.

still, 3 instants can be pretty massive and abused if not careful. its not game breaking, but it is still class defining. Tell me any merc in their right minds that wouldn't spec into that ability. once every 15 seconds my healer could lay out 3 5-6k heals (or bigger) over the space of the time that it takes a sorc to put up 3 bubbles. that's potent. or i can unleash 2 tracers and a fusion missile. and that's every 15 seconds. even a sorc has to wait 20 seconds after putting their bubble one someone before they can do it again. you would be able to dump close to 20k heals onto a tank in 3 GCD's.

Again, I like the idea. but even with 15s 3 is still pushing it. I could see one ever 15s. my gunslinger can crack her instant out once every 30 seconds when she uses her getting one every 15 seconds isn't a bad deal at all