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part of the problem with Merc/Commando right now is that just about everyone has given up playing it. the only people still playing Merc/Commando are the cream of the crop; they have usually been playing the longest, have fully optimized their gear, and have developed the skill needed to compete in unranked (ranke if they have a good team) warzones despite their disadvantages.

as such, whatever metrics bioware has for Merc/Commando is from a significantly smaller sample size than say Mara/Sents. while there is a large population of Mara/Sents to dilute the metrics, it is not a true representation of the class's ability when used by a skilled player.

lets say that the top 5% of Marauders average >= 400k damage a warzone. the bottom 50% average <200k per wz. because the majority of the sample is <200k, the overall population average will be massively diluted and not truly represent the capabilities of the class.

the Mercs that still remain are, for the most part, the best at their class. they are the top 5% of the original Merc population.

if bioware wants to develop *real* metrics, they would use equal sample sizes of each AC, rather than look at only overall averages. so if there are only 500 Merc/Commandos to get metrics from, they would not be compared to 5,000 Mara/Sents
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