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12.04.2012 , 02:40 PM | #6
Some huge issues with the way they compare classes using metrics.

1. Skill: The played skill in this game has an enormous range. I've seen plenty of players with full WH gear and couldn't break 100K anything in a 15 minute match. On the other end of that is a number of players who are breaking 1 million + in a 15 minute match. Using metrics in a game with such a large skill gap seems foolish.

2. Using K/D ratios in a game where all you have to do is breathe the same air to get credit for a kill... that's a bad idea. Especially for instance a sorc/sage. A good sorc/sage will nearly always have the most kills (bubbles, off healing and especially DOTS). A sorc/sage is involved with almost every kill in one way or another.

Just one example of why that's a horrible way to determine balance. I'm sure you get the picture.

3. Regular warzones are surely being used for these metrics. If rated was being used merc/commando metrics would read "0".

Rated war zones... while obviously less active would make for much better metrics. Using regular war zones is like using high school football to create a safer helmet for the NFL.

In rated PvP the skill gap is nearly always much closer in comparison, players are equally geared or near it, and even KDR would be slightly more balanced. You won't have sorcs spamming affliction on people just for the big numbers at the end of the match. People are playing with a purpose.

Just my opinions...