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I have a Sentinel with 106% Accuracy, which I think is unnecessary. I would like to exchange some enhancements to replace that Accuracy with Strength or Power. I have Battlemaster gear and I would lose Expertise if I did this, about 200 points. However, I would put at least level 61 mods in there.

Is this a good idea?
1. There is no such thing as trading ACC for STR on enhancements. Its only an exchange of secondary stats.

2. Yes, you can trade some ACC for POW, IF your EXP number is high enough already. If you are already full BM, dropping an ACC enhancement for a BiS BH/CAMP enhancement is a net gain. I would only switch like two or three (BiS BH/CAMP POW/SUR ENH), and not all seven, to get to 100% ACC. The POW and END gain will make up for the EXP loss.

3. Then buy only BiS WH gear and put mods/enh into your BM gear when 1.6 hits.

Good Luck!!
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