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12.04.2012 , 01:48 PM | #4
Pointless to use GF tool for planetary destinations.

If you're sub-50, you could be getting a heroic from anywhere on the Planet's surface. You could, using Coruscant as an example, be looking for a partner for Face Merchants and wind up queued into a group with people wanting to find Trouble in Deed or Enemies of the Republic. There's a four level difference between these two, IIRC.

It only gets worse at 50 unless you check individual planet queues. What if someone queues in for planetary destinations:Black Hole, but the other guy's on Ilum, and a third is on Belsavis, and a fourth in Section X? Makes running CTS rather irritating while waiting for everyone to zone. Since, of course, there's no teleporter for this since it's not the flashpoint finder.

It also doesn't check to see if your player or anyone else is locked out of the heroic via completion, nor does it give the quest. Example using the first heroics: If someone queues in and needs Face Merchants, and they get two people queued into their group that just finished it, they all pretty much have to abandon and requeue - and hope that it doesn't slap those four right back together.