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In terms of how best to allocate your remaining skill points, first make it to the top of the Arsenal skill tree, assuming you want to go full Arsenal spec. The quicker you get Heatseaking Missile, the better, so focus on that for now. Once you get that far, then it depends on how you want to play. If you want your occasional off-heals to be stronger/faster, put a few in Bodyguard. If you want some extra versatility then put the extra points in Pyrotech. Of course, some skills in either tree might benifit you so mix them here and there and find which ones you like most.

As for Blizz, it depends who you have now. I was running with Torian when I first got Blizz, and the first thing you'll notice when running with Blizz is that he holds aggro on himself very well. With Torian, it's pretty easy to draw aggro off him and have mobs or bosses come attacking you, but Blizz holds aggro pretty well. That said, you cant loose running with Mako either, assuming she is geared up. Running with a healer is never a bad thing, unless you are a healer yourself of course, so it just depends really how safe you feel taking down enemies by yourself or if you want someone like Blizz holding aggro while you shoot from a distance. Hope this helps!!
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