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12.04.2012 , 01:35 PM | #158
Although yes, the nerf is something that's not going to feel as good when we down it, we've all worked our asses off on this fight to die multiple times under 5%HP on one boss. As the guilds that have downed it have stated, the fight is overtuned. From one of my top healers: "This feels more like I wanna be the Guy than MMO raiding.".

Now, I will say that if my guild were better prepared for 16 man (we recently moved into the bracket) AND had we done a better job farming once we got HM Denova down in May we very well could have had this down, but that is in hindsight. We did not have a full 63 group, not even close

I will be making sure we are better prepared as a guild for the next content. We will be staying in 16 man.
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