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Stop whining.

Should we nerf heavily EC HM because the vast majority of players cannot pass it in Rakata (without any amelioration) ? Or Nerf EC Nightmare/TFB HM because the vast majority of players cannot pass them with BH/Campaign gear ? No. When the new Operation will come, a nerf would be welcome, to give a chance to the newcomers to gear up fast. EC NM went that way.

The same logic applie to LI. When a new FP will come, I'd agree to nerf LI, but now : NO. And yes, this FP can be done with a good Tionese group, like EC HM was doable in Rakata, but most of the players weren't able to pass the tanks in SM, even in Rakata ......
They drop better gear than Rakata and Campaign/BH.

Very very few Tionese groups could do it well, and the groups we saw in this thread mostly already did it many times, just use Tionese for a challenge, that's totally different than newbies doing LI.