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12.04.2012 , 12:46 PM | #1
Hi there, fellow Bounty Hunters. I have a few questions regarding my Mercenary BH as I have just finished Taris and I'm going to try to take it slow via leveling up, and I'm curious what other Hunters' thoughts were. I've never done the PvP portion of the game so keep it in mind. Also I'm at level 34 now.

First off, what would be more useful for my skill tree: Pyrotech or bodyguard, because I've been outting most of my points in Arsenal and was wondering what I should do with my remaining points. Next question is... how useful will Blizz be once I get him on Hoth? Should I stick with Mako or Torian for PvE or give Blizz a shot once he joins up? Any suggestions for how to improve my Mercenary is much appreciated.