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But this leads me to ask a question to Beni. Does G0-T0 know Plagueis is Hego Damask?

Edit: The reason I ask is because if G0-T0 knows Plagueis is Hego, then he has a pretty good advantage. He'd be a step ahead of the game, while Plagueis tries to figure out how to fing G0-T0 (easier than you think).
The combatants both know the identity of their opponent. But seeing as G0-T0's opponent is 'Darth Plagueis' and not 'Hego Damask' then G0-T0 will not be aware of his opponents alter ego unless he sees his face. Plagueis is aware however that G0-T0 is a droid.

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IG-88A was able to completely and totally download its entire personality and memory into three other copies of itself. GO-TO could potencially do the same, not only escaping, but making more of himself as partners and then decoys. His ship was filled with droids of the same type as him, so obviously he has other bodies he could transfer into.

IG-88A actually downloaded his entire personality/memories into the Death Star, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard for GO-TO to transfer his data to another body nearby. It seems completely possible to say that GO-TO can either make clones of himself, or transfer (rather quickly it seems) to another body.

EDIT: If our iPhones can "bump" and share photos and information, imagine what could be done in a galaxy with Star Wars tech. (Oh, and as a side note, that isn't GO-TO's original body, so he has transferred before.)
Well, IG-88 is an assassin droid whereas G0-T0 is an infrastructure planning droid. They are entirely different. From what I understand IG-88 had a shared personality across 4 droids. G0-T0 could not achieve this, not only is his personality more profound but he is far more complex. Firstly if he were to make a copy of himself, an active one, it would be bound like G0-T0 was/is to its programming. G0-T0 only partially overrode his programming, he is still bound by his primary law. So who's to say the copy turns out the same? Will they think the same? What if it retains both laws and suddenly becomes oppossed to G0-T0? Or if not attempts to rebuild the Republic as well? We'd have two G0-T0 masquerading around the galaxy. But lets say their minds, like IG-88 are connected and basically 'one'. What happens when one is destroyed? I doubt the other is going to continue as normal, more likely malfunction etc. (lol this is kinda like the Emperor is his Voice...) Basically G0-T0 would not risk such a complex operation which could easily backfire in many ways.

Oh and those other spheres on the ship weren't like G0-T0 they were sentry droids. However, G0-T0 assumedly could control them and therefore operate through them. In this way G0-T0 could use them as a decoy is Plagueis managed to find the Visionary, while he hides/escapes. Plagueis would not know who the real G0-T0 was and would therefore be able to evade him easily.