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Often this type of thing depends on your Spec. Class:
Sorcerer: Especially if you spec heals, make Khem defensive. Always go defense, and while he's drawing fire you can keep him healed and try and pick off the enemies.

Assassin: If you're a very stealthy, DPS type guy, you might want to also spec Khem defensively, but make sure to pay attention to his attack. If you're a tank, go offensive with Khem.

Hope this helps
I disagree with most of this actually
Sorc healer: You are more than able to flip Khem into offensive mode and give him gear with offensive stats on it. I went as far as giving Khem das boot as soon as I got Ahsara and had no problems with her dieing.
Sorc DPS: Yea, keep Khem defensive. Toss him a bubble and send him in. Rebubble as needed and you'll rarely have to throw an actual heal. Same goes fro Xalek once you finally get him, should you choose to go that route.
Sin DPS: You can use Khem defensively, but I prefer taking Andronikos as soon as you get him and stocking up on medpacks or grabbing Biochem for the reusable ones. When you get Talos, you can either use him or stick with Adronikos.
Sin Tank: I used Andronikos as soon as I got him all the way through 50. You really won't even need medpacks once you get your self heal off of FL.

Companions are more about selecting the one that compliments your class than just gearing up your favorite one for a roll that does not fit him/her. In general a healer will use a melee DPS, a ranged DPS will want a tank or healer, melee DPS uses a healer, and a tank uses ranged DPS.
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