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12.04.2012 , 11:57 AM | #21
I know what sarcasm and humor is, So I dont need /ignore.
I also know that its a game with a community going around 12 years old+
And I know that its possible to turn of the chat or only use the guild chat so I dont need to make useless qq thread on the forum.

inb4, is it a troll thread? I mean you are serious when you say that you want Bioware to hold your hand and click on guild chat or turn off the chat for you?

If you want a super mature community go on a discution forum. SWTOR is an Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game, this mean that people will play the game the way they want. If they want to have wierd and stupid conversations, They will have those conversation. As long there is no rascist or other things like that involved there is absolutly ZERO problem
Guarding a healer is not only the job the the skill ''guard''. It is also your job to stay around the healer to be a plague for the people attacking the healer.