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12.04.2012 , 11:53 AM | #20
I think fellow Star Wars fans need to be optimistic about the future of Star Wars. For those of you that hated the prequel trilogy I have good news for you, George Lucas will only be a "Creative Consultant" for the new movies. For those of you that like the prequel trilogy I will say that you have nothing to fear as well because it actually matters very little whether or not George Lucas is involved because Star Wars, in my opinion, is being held back by Lucas. Star Wars needs to be bigger than Lucas.

That being said I will say that I believe in Disney. For the Marvel comic fans out there I would like to bring up the successful transfer of ownership that brought the Marvel universe under the Disney name. The Marvel Universe suddenly began to boom under Disney with the release of Marvels: The Avengers (black magic involved? probably). Disney knows how to handle a franchise, possibly better than any other entertainment company out there. Lets hope that Disney chooses the right Director. With Stephen Spielberg having his hand largely in the pockets of both Disney and Lucasarts I would be willing to make a bet that he will at least be producing the movie. I think a good Director for the movie would be Peter Jackson. What? Peter Jackson? Peter Jackson successfully managed to convert one of the most complicated works of science fiction/ fantasy in the world into a film. However, the man is now addicted to Tolkien.