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I like all of them, with the exception of Run and Gun. your comparisons to snipers don't hold water. having the ability to cast any 3 abilities instantly every 9 seconds is an immensely powerful tool...the only reason you don't' think so is because you like the class. one instant attack and some resource savings 30 seconds is not even close to 3 instant attacks every 9 seconds.

Snipers only have one instant attack off of their KB, and that in itself is very powerful. your asking for almost a non stop application of abilities that have cast times for a reason. A merc with that ability would be able to insta cast everything they have 3/4 of the time they are in melee range. And the dps increase in PvE would be class breaking.

the idea sounds great, but in real life application it would break the class. we have cast times for a reason. even just tracer missile 3x instant would be over powered. I know you don't think so but it really would. the damage of those abilities, no matter how you want to compare them, is based on a cast time. to remove the cast time means unbalance. they would have to reduce the damage on those abilities to compensate, which would force PvE (as well as PvP) mercs to fight in melee range to keep their DPS up with other classes, which kills the reason for having them as a ranged class in the first place.

I am all for having a low tier ability like the sniper that gives us ONE instant cast. punch, fire fusion missile. bam. or fire off Rapid scan. how about making it insta-cast and auto crit? Imagine being able to knock back an opponent, immobilize them for a few seconds, and dump an instant fusion missile that's auto crit (with full stack of tracer on them) that is a nice buff, and opens up other doors as well, and not OP.

But your other ideas look good. Run and gun just pushes it over the top too much. It's the right direction though! I like the idea....I think the reason snipers/slingers can do well in PvP is due to the options they have to push instants out....but the talents are spread out in different trees, so they're not all bunched together...and they're mechanics force them to be useable only over longer periods of time (30sec CD on Pulse, as an example....or requiring 6+ crits in a row to negate the CD on ambush, etc).

If we wanted the concept of "run and gun" as a class mechanic, we could have certain skills have special abilities when run and gun is triggered...and then have a few skills that trigger R&G (like rocket punch, kolto missle, thermal Detonater). examples of R&G effect would be like tracer would auto-stack 5 heat signatures with R&G. Fusion missile is instant and auto-crit. Emergency scan also applies a HoT. rapid scan is instant and heals you in addition to your target.stuff like that. that could be a fun mechanic that isn't OP, because one use and it's gone. so once every 9 seconds in melee range you have a nice boost...but it isn't a class defining change.