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12.04.2012 , 11:35 AM | #1
On the types of return gathering missions that I get, I seem to be averaging far more investigation then all of the other missions types combined. And far fewer slicing and underworld trading gathering missions then any other ype also.

Now I know that this is not an accurate representation but I kept track of the past 100 slicing missions ( these were only the rich missions in the 48 range for this) where I garnered an actual mission in return and this is what I got:

Investigation 46 missions
Treasure Hunting 18 Missions
Diplomacy 17 missions
Scavanging 11 missions
Underworld trading 5 missions
Slicing 3 missions

All companions are maxed etc. Again this is more anecdotal but to me these does seem skewed and it mroe or less goes alogn with what Ive been seeing...I think the chanes for missions recoveries is skewed on the backend by bioware or so it seems...maybe it's just me. it just really looks likes underworld and slicing have a far lower percentage chance of popping but again this could just eb me.

Anyone else seeing similar results?